Always avoid overdosing and over use. Prolonged periods of overdosing can result in damaging effects. However, a single overdose is usually harmless.

No, the advisors at Herbavita are not veterinarians, do not make diagnoses and do not sell veterinary medicines. Our products are intended to keep healthy animals healthy and to help improve the results on farms.

As our products are purely a feed supplement and not medicines, no signs of dependency will occur.

Some Herbavita products can be used with regular medicine. However, we advise you to consult your veterinarian in each case.

As the Herbavita products are not medicines, they do not have to be included in the medicine register.

The use of natural products serves mainly to stimulate the natural immunity system and the healing power of the body by restoring the balance. Many herbs share the same properties as pharmaceutical medicines, but do not have the same undesirable adverse side effects, do not disrupt the body’s natural balance and are not subject to a withdrawal period.

Herbavita products are not medicines. They are feed supplements based on herbs, organic acids, minerals and vitamins.

As the Herbavita products do not contain medicine, they can be administered right up to the day of slaughter. No withdrawal periods apply.

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