In-house production and R&D

It’s important that the origin and quality of your animal feed is reliable and guaranteed, especially essential ingredients such as minerals, vitamins and other additives.



Practically all our products are developed and produced in-house at our modern facility in Kluisbergen (East-Flanders). We offer a wide range of products which can also be formulated according to customer specifications.

When choosing our ingredients, we pay close attention to the quality of the raw materials and how well they are absorbed. Our modern, specialised production facility is equipped with the latest processing, dosing, mixing and filling technology. This guarantees reliable and effective products.



New products are developed and tested by our in-house R&D department. A product is only placed on the market once it satisfies the legal requirements and demands of the customer, and meets the required quality standards.

Toll manufacturing and private label

Other companies in the animal feed industry also use our production facility and R&D capacity. We offer toll manufacturing and produce products under private labels for sectors including horses, pigeons, pets and hobby farming. We pack powders in 5 to 25-kg bags, and liquids in a range of bottles, buckets and containers.

Our production facility produces:

  • Liquid blends
  • Dry mineral feeds
  • Lick buckets
  • Pastes
  • Capsules / tablets

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