Feed supplements for livestock

We produce exceptional feed supplements and mixtures of vitamins and minerals for cattle, pigs and poultry. Our products are characterised by the addition of herbs and other natural ingredients, enabling you to provide targeted support for certain body functions or meet specific needs.


Stimulate and support

Our supplements can be used to stimulate and improve the intake and digestion of feed, and to boost overall health and immunity. We also supply products that have a specific supporting effect. These products target, for example, the respiratory tract, the digestive system, hoof and claw health, or fertility.

Part of our range comprises feed supplements that can be widely used to support high yields. Other products can be used occasionally at times when your livestock need some additional support, for example as part of a responsible approach to managing udder health in dairy herds, or the intestinal health of poultry.


More robust

The herbs, oils and other ingredients in our products provide natural support. Livestock becomes more resilient, feels contented, and is less susceptible to diseases and other disorders. This reduces your reliance on expensive concentrates and medication (antibiotics). Stimulation is preferable to suppression.  The result: higher profits and more job satisfaction for you.

  • Natural support
  • Excellent production results
  • Higher profits

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