Protect broilers against a coccidiosis challenge with the phytogenic product AviForm Cox

Coccidiosis outbreaks are an important threat for the profitability of commercial poultry farms

It’s no secret that (sub)clinical coccidiosis does decrease the overall production performance and losses are in general estimated at 18 eurocent per bird produced (Blake et al., 2020).

All over the world, in-feed coccidiostats are a common practice to control coccidiosis. However, due to continuous overuse, more and more drug-resistant coccidian strains are reported and for many decades now, no new molecule has come to the market. Synthetical coccidiostats have a short life cycle and are expensive. Ionophores are under heavy regulatory pressure and depress the feed consumption. Although vaccines might be a good alternative, it turns out to have some disadvantages. Vaccines are either expensive to produce or they might cause severe reactions, depending on the type of vaccine.
Despite the prevention measures, subclinical coccidiosis is still prevalent in 100% of the farms. Subclinical coccidiosis leads to damage of epithelial cells and thereby it has a negative impact on the birds’ performance and welfare.

For these reasons, Herbavita has developed AviForm Cox which is a powerful feed additive to support the animals’ health and reduce the negative impact of coccidiosis in poultry

AviForm Cox

A 100% natural phytogenic feed additive based on a careful selection of nature’s best. AviForm Cox has been developed as a powerful tool in coccidiosis control management during the most sensitive time window of the production cycle. It supports an optimal gut health, improves the feed intake, digestion and production performance. AviForm Cox is harmless for the environment, birds and humans, has no withdrawal time and is easy to administer. Herbavita offers with AviForm Cox an innovative solution to boost the profitability of the modern poultry industry. 

  • Protects broilers against the impact of a coccidiosis challenge
  • Compatible with all coccidiostat programs
  • No withdrawal time, 100% natural
  • Suitable for organic AB free production
  • No risk for coccidian resistance development
  • Improves performance and animal health

When to use AviForm Cox?

  • Support of coccidiosis treatment programs
  • To reduce the risk of coccidiosis outbreaks
  • Gut health issues
  • Changes in diet composition or coccidiostat
  • Under performance of weight gain
  • Under performance of feed or water intake
  • Bad litter quality

How to use AviForm Cox?

Preventive dosage: Curative dosage:
1 Liter/1000 Liter drinking water, 12h/d
BROILERS: 5-6 days, day 22 ± 3
LAYERS: 6 days
2 Liter/1000 Liter drinking water, 12h/d
BROILERS: 5-6 days, day 22 ± 3
LAYERS: 6 days


AviForm Cox components

AviForm Cox consists out of a carefully selected mixture of phytogenic components that enhances the gut health and disrupts the reproduction of the parasite.

Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium)

Artemisia is rich in bitter substances and thereby gastrointestinal secretions are stimulated leading to enhanced digestion, absorption of nutrients and feed intake. Furthermore Artemisia has strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects and thereby improves the gut health.

Turmeric (Curcuma longa)

The major bio-active compounds are curcumines, known for its antioxidative, antimutagenic and immunomodulatory capacities. Turmeric helps to maintain the intestinal barrier function of the gut. Provision of turmeric was found to increase weight gain and feed efficiency in broilers infected with Eimeria sp.*
* Candra et al. (2013). The efficacy of turmeric extract against experimentally induced Eimeria maxima infection in broiler

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