Vitachoc E100+Se50

Vitachoc E100+Se50


Liquid blend of vitamins to support the performances and condition.

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Product features

Vitachoc E100+SE50 ensures an optimal resistance.

Composition per L:

Vitamin E (DL-α-tocopherylacetate) (3a700) 100.000 mg
Selenium (E8) 50 mg


Milk cattle: 100 ml/animal/day.
Young cattle: 50 ml/animal/day.
Calves: 20 ml/animal/day.
Sows: 30 ml/animal/day.
Piglets: 10 ml/animal/day.
Horses: 50 ml/animal/day.
Foals: 15 ml/animal/day.
Poultry: 1 L/1000 L water.
Sheep and goats: 20 ml/animal/day.
Lambs and small goats: 5 ml/animal/day.


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