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Claw disorders in dairy cattle

Lameness, next to udder inflammation and impaired fertility, is one of the main reasons for the premature culling of cows. Healthy claws are of great importance to achieve optimal results. A cow with claw problems will go to the feed fence less often, resulting in less feed intake and lower milk production. In addition to the economic consequences...

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Rumenal acidosis in cows

Do your cows suffer from ruminal acidosis? You can read all about ruminal acidosis in cows and what you can do about it here! Rumenal acidosis occurs when the pH in the cow’s rumen drops below 5.6 for several hours. Because the environment in the rumen becomes too acidic, the rumen flora that is responsible for the breakdown of structure (...

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Udder inflammation in cows

Udder inflammation (also called mastitis) is one of the most common conditions in dairy cattle. But what exactly is mastitis? What can you do to prevent mastitis? And how do you treat mastitis? You can read all about it below!   How does mastitis occur? Mastitis results from pathogens invading and multiplying in the udder. To prevent...

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